Yamaha WaveRunner EXR Review


Low-cost leisure personal aquatic cars have shown tremendous success with new riders, but hardcore styles still cover them because of their agility and lightweight. Yamaha provided the last piece of a puzzle to these offensive types: a more substantial horsepower ratio to weight. The result is the EXR, which the corporation calls a “rocket” with much enthusiasm.

An extension of the jet pump and an additional film plans to respond to the throttle faster.

On the Sea

Any little chop feels like a starting ramp, and the strength is fast and flat throughout runs. In some instances, it is challenging to keep up. But it’s still funny.

It has a certain degree of robust management credentials. If you lean back or press the outside leg as you turn around, you’re able to keep it through the corner, so if you try it out, it’ll let it But on. But, on the other hand, there’s a moment where it’s going to slide, a sense that in the lengthy Yamaha craft, you don’t get.

Like a bump, the short hull hasn’t the length to cut through waves, like a fast wheelbase sedan. As a result, you get every spot and land more than you thought in some situations. The hull is rough and is more suitable for coastal use.

And it would help if you hoped to get an 86-kilometre high speed per hour in flat water, and a few feet from the water, this is enough.

Yamaha WaveRunner EXR is a real fun knock for bucks. Fortunately, as you crash at low speeds, it is relatively innocent, as you naturally do when the bravely gets stronger and stronger and unwittingly dip a knee into the bath. A forearm, then.


There is minimal storage, so that I might choose a romantic picnic with a rucksack or two on a sunny summer day. The front storage container under the cap is limited and can be used for a seam as far as possible. There is a wide opening in the storage bin before the passenger opens up indoors to be very hollow. It’s going to conveniently take your wallet and keys, and maybe a sandwich if, however, you had to fight for something bulky. Under the seat itself, there is a final bin.


Accessories and supplements

Although the EXR is undoubtedly performance-conscious, it has a few remarkable extras, such as RiDE, a dual control mechanism from Yamaha that offers separate throttles on the other side of the handlebar forward and reverse. The intuitive method makes it easy to dock and tightly navigate at low speed by redirecting the thrust using the reverse bucket. The same transmission may also provide considerable stopping power when applied at a rate.

Nether points

Bow stock is not very profound; a lot of things don’t cut a spare life jacket.

Taller riders may feel oversized and have difficulty viewing the show off detail.


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