Tips to Avoid Frauds and Scams When Buying a Boat


Before carrying on with your boat, purchase, learn and follow few tips to help you cope with scams and frauds while buying a boat.

1: Do not agree to purchase a boat without checking it in reality

Whenever you see an advertisement regarding a boat for sale or come across a dealer or broker who is communicating most convincingly, you should get alarmed. We insist you purchase only that boat, which you have seen with your eyes. There is a condition of possibility that you might be dealing with the person for the “ideal boat” that is not even present. The pictures they are showing to you can be taken from google or any other social media site. Ensure that you search that image on google to confirm whether the original photo or this deal is a fraud.

2: Talk to the seller directly, do not rely on emails.

If you are dealing with the seller via text, it is recommended that you should talk to them directly. Most of the times, scams and frauds are done via texts or emails. If, while you ask about the technicalities of boat and boating, the person is efficiently answering your in-depth questions, it means there are fewer chances of scamming and fraud.

3: Always do payments via bank or directly via cash.

The scammers and frauds force you to pay for the boat by other sources. Therefore, you must insist on the transaction among banks or the cash. These two ways have a lesser possibility of theft.


4; Make sure that you have paid the right amount for the boat

It is recommended for you to pay the complete amount for the ship at the time. No need to pay in advance for delivery charges or refundable deposits. If someone asks anything in regard, say no to him immediately.

5: Do not share any irrelevant information

Do not share your things with the seller. Just be precise in leaking out your information in the right way. For example, if your national identity card, address, and names are required, do not share any other communication besides these. Make sure to verify that do they need these things for further proceedings or it is just useless.

6: Do not act immediately on any offers.

If someone puts an offer in front of you and do not give you time to understand and think and keep forcing you to take immediate actions, consider it spam. If the offer is genuine, there is no need to rush in any possible way. Actual offers stay longer.


In case of any fraud or scam, do not sit quiet and stand up for fighting with these criminals. Fraud and scam is a crime, and you should report it to any feasible complaint registration authority.


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