Tickets on sale for Adelaide Boat Show


Boat shows are always attractive, and a boat show is an event to present you with all the attractions at once. The larger the boat show is, the larger the excitement it gives. Are you a boating lover? Are you interested in boat shows? Are you waiting for the biggest boat show event in Australia? If yes, then we have a piece of good news for you.


The Adelaide Boating show’s tickets are available for sale. It is the most detailed boating exhibition. The show is expected to start at the end of June. i.e. June 28th-30th in the coming month. The location of this fantastic boat show is the Center of Adelaide’s convention. The ticket prices vary for different age groups. The tickets for adults are sold for ten dollars, for the elder children from six to seventeen years, it’s five dollars, and the infants and toddlers are allowed to enjoy for free. Of course, an adult will be the compulsion for underage kids.

Visit, “The Boat Show” official website to buy your tickets. All you need is to click the website, and you will be redirected to their page. You will be asked to fill the basic form for buying the ticket. This basic information is a bit about you and the billing details. This time, they have invented an online ticket. The link or the soft token will be sent to your email or mobile phone. A printed version of the show ticket will be sent to you by post.

The famous fishing seminars and the booster boating rides for young children at the great customised-built 35-meter performance pool are included with entry.

The Adelaide Boating Show provides everything with the state’s enthusiastic boat, new ships, tools, and plenty of equipment created to make the day out more and more pleasant, whether you’re boating or fishing on Australia’s water tracks underlying or priorities the waters from the coast.


The people who want to visit can also purchase a ticket at the main entrance; however, buying tickets online allows visitors to skip the lines and walk right in.

South Australians or tourists who want professional advice and a wide variety of yachts, gears related to fishing, and accessories of boats all under one roof should head to Adelaide Convention Centre. The Adelaide Boat Show this year is one of a kind.

Update: The recent updates, according to the official website, is that the boat show 2021 has been postponed to the following year. The authorities decided while considering the alarming situation caused by the pandemic. Therefore, the people who have already purchased the tickets should not worry at all. These tickets will be helpful for the next year as well.

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