The best electric surfboards for your toy box


Nowadays, surfboards are a critical item of our toy box. We can not imagine our boat experience without it. People do surfing for enjoyment purposes.

We are listing some best electric surfboards that can be your choice this time:

★ OLO one

It is an electric surfboard, and it has a battery system that can be easily swapped. It has very little charge time so that you can enjoy it without breaking your rhythm. It is made up of carbon fibre. OLO one provides you with the best surfboard experience.

LED spec and Bluetooth utility are also present in our favourite OLO one.

★ Jet Surf Electric

Jet surf electric uses petrol as its power support. It gives facility for three hours of beautiful experiences. This surfboard is considered a racing surfboard, and the maximum speed it can go is forty meters per hour. Just like other models, its body is made up of carbon fibre. The total weight it possesses is 29 kgs.

★ Onean Carver Twin

Oneans Carver twin is an excellent choice for riders who want a maximum thrilling experience. It has two jets and goes to 37kph of speed. Remotely controlled and highly convenient. Reviewers have given very positive reviews regarding this surfboard and declared it one of the best electric surfboards.

★ Fliteboard Series 2

The best feature of Fliteboard Series 2 is that this model produces almost no sound. It has the capability to go into the air for few cms. The battery of Fliteboard Series 2 is made up of lithium. Its speed is controllable and can work for 1.5 hrs.


★ Awake Ravik 3

Awake Ravik 3 is the top best model recommended by the users. It is specially designed for active participants; It has won the award as well. The maximum speed is 50 meters per hour, and it takes no time to reach that. It is a bit heavy board of 40kgs and works for 40 minutes straight.

★ Radinn Explore

This surfboard is designed for beginners. It is very reliable. It can to a maximum speed of 25 meters per hour. The batteries are easily swappable; LED indicates the amount of charging left. It comes in two modes. If you are not an expert, you can choose the standard mode.

★ Wave Jam 156

This surfboard is designed for those people who have not the expert level of balancing ability. The top speed of Wave Jam 156 is 10 meters per hour, and it runs for nearly an hour. Its weight is only 24 kgs, and it gives you the ability for customised usage.

★ Mertek

Mertek is lesser exposed to the damage. The best feature of this surfboard is that it is foldable, making it easy to carry anywhere. Controlled by a remote, it can operate at eight different speeds. In addition, it can absorb the bumps of the waves, making your experience more comfortable. The maximum it can go is 16 meters per hour.

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