Stabicraft 2100 Supercab Review


Today, anglers are starting to sharpen their hooks in the southern part of Australia. The annual tuna runs from Portland to Port Hacking and draws a fierce armada of trick-up carriers with enthusiastic anglers hot on the edges.

The Kiwi-built Supercab Stabicraft 2100 is perfect for such cool-climate sports and game fishing. You get a good fishing cockpit with a spacious cabin for the security of weather and high safety standards.

At the 2050 Supercab Sister Schiff, we managed the 2100 Supercab off Sydney. The boats seemed similar at first look at the ramp. But the additional 20mm length and 5mm beam allows a difference for 2100.

2100 has a much wider cab and offers even more security and sleep. It says that Sydney purchasers regard the Supercab 2100 as a better offshore vendor than the Supercab 2050.

Slicker Hull

The hull is the current version of Stabicraft with arrow pontoons and a chaser transom, but it is much higher than in 2050, 20 degrees vs 17.5 degrees.



The Stabicraft has attracted significant public interest due to its more modern appearance, no longer regarded as unorthodox. In addition, the slimmer pontoon arrows give the BoatBoat a slimmer look than the old pontoon craft of Stabicraft.

The new-generation hull also increases performance. The Game Chaser transom is driving and leading backwards by pushing the water on the outboard.

The hull makes 5mm marine aluminium with 3mm thick tubing on the running board. A ‘life loop’ with individual floor and floor-resistant rooms are surrounding. The Boat’sBoat’s also executed each weld very nicely.

On the sea

The 2100 Supercab demonstrated an excellent move down the sea at 4000rpm and across the ocean. It can quickly and flat but would profit from this than fishing gear adds. That said, the hull is 30% heavier than 2050, and the feeling about it is significantly more extensive by the ships.

Fishing attribute

The Supercab 2100 surely means to please anglers. The most important elements include a sizeable mid transom Live-bit battery, a 4/4 flip down, full-length side pockets, a Kill-Tank under the floor and an 8-rod hardtop launcher.

As you enter the 2100SC, you get a feeling immediately that the fishing targets. Not only do Cantilever pivoting seats at the helmet and for the front passenger compensate for dry storage below, but it also makes it easier to wash and clean after one day on water since it is off the floor.

Grab rails are plentiful, and over 2050, the cabin is extended to have potential sleeping space or at least a pile of equipment for two adults. Recaro-like helmet sitting and plenty of room for the ears, opening side windows and the dash, and holding 15 screens are enhanced by the driving experience.

The front part of the dash tapers was good for sunglasses. The head of the roof is over 1,90 metres, meaning that almost all skippers can stay inside.


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