Rivergate Marina’s Steve Fisher joins AIMEX board


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“The Director of IB (International Business) of Shipyard and Rivergate Marina is appointed in the AIMEX (Australian International Marine Export Group) superyacht board as a representative of “Commercial Marine Group, Australia.”

While talking to the press media, he stated that he is looking up to and feeling content about joining the Australian Board of AIMEX-Superyacht.

Steve Fisher says that he finds himself at a critical period in their evolvement, and he is looking forward to aiding the progress of Australian production and its publicity all over the world.


Talking to the press, he stated that all the dimensions they are struggling to make Australia the land of production potential. Production includes making, managing and locating it to the deserving destination.

Adding further, Fisher states that as per the study of EIS organised by AEC, superyacht production has played a vital role in GDP( Gross Domestic Product) for 2016. It worth almost 2 billion dollars. If they put efforts in convincing the government to introduce such a policy where foreigners can contribute to Australia, this can boost the economy. There will be a facility of jobs for the local individuals.


Steve Fisher was initially an army officer. His qualification is Masters in science. He had completed his education before joining the ‘marine industry.” It has been around forty years that Fisher has been working in marine. He is into the developmental, designing and managing phases of superyachts.

As the representative of ” the Australian Superyacht Industry and Rivergate”, he has been travelling to different shows and events related to yachts and boats. So he came out to be the regular representer and a panel’s member in various industries events. For instance, “the annual ASMEX conference at Sanctuary Cove and Singapore Yacht Show” is at the top of the list.

Steve Fisher has already won an award in 2014 for ” Champion of the Year of Superyacht Industry.” His dedication to the superyacht industry is matchless. He is an expert in the industry.

Remember that “Australian International Marine Export Group”, or commonly known as AIMEX, is the top superyacht events creators based in Australia. It is termed as the most potent exhibition relevant to the boating industry. Its headquarter is based in Victoria, Australia. It has a total revenue of 21 Million dollars and ninety-nine employees are working in it. Cosmoprof, Gtech, Automechanika Birmingham, The AIME, GESS Dubai, Colorlib and LinuxWorld Conference & Expo are its competitors.

The meeting of AIMEX was held online on 26 November 2020 in South wales. The conference has decided the board of AIMEX for 2021.

Along with Steve Fisher, Kane Bygrave has also joined AIMEX for the year 2021.

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