Ribco release new Venom 44


RibCo is launching the Australian Boat Show 2019 season with a first presentation on the Gold Coast of Australia at the Superyachts, May 17-19, and the International Boat Show Sanctuary Cove (SCIBS), May 23-26. This exhibition coincides with the first arrival of Ribco in 2019, the new version of its flagship, the 2019 Venom 44. The latest triple Mercury Verado V8 motors and their modern deck architecture.

“With the introduction of new models for ships unparalleled in elegance, detail, rapidity, reliability, protection and high performance,” Oliver Workman of Ribco Australia said: “Ribco commits itself to further demonstrate our growing range of luxury RIBS. The 2019 Venom 44 next generation represents the firm dedication of Ribco to quality, engineering and testing in order to ensure secure, agile and defective operations on shore.”

The next Venom 44 vessel of the next generation’s next-generation provides all of its predecessor’s luxurious and high-performance amenities with a new comfortable deck configuration with eight separate hydraulic cockpit seats for maximum convenience. In addition, it has electronic hatches and is equipped with the fast, refined power of the three-engine Mercury Verado V8 to have a thrilling acceleration, high speed and trust offshore.

Ribco also announced Ribco’s latest appointment as the Australian SailGP Team’s official boat chase partner. At the first international SailGP competition in Sydney Harbour, a match showed the Ribco series of top-performance RIBs with the turbocharged F50-class catamarans. In addition, Ribco will have two of the custom-built SailGP vessels on-site at the Australian Superyacht Rendezvous and SCIBS activities. The 2019 Seafarer 36, a silver-grey one with twin Mercury Verados 350hp and the R28 Special SailGP Model, has four hot jockey seats and a single Mercury Racing Outboard 400hp.

At both the Australian Superyacht Rendezvous and SCIBS, the Seafarer 36 will feature on the water on the marina, while the R 28s display will be at the Promenade next to SCIBS’s high-performance luxury cars.


Venom 44 on the Ribco 2019

The Venom 44 is a thin 13.5-metre, sturdy Hypalon tube ship, a hand-laid teak cover, a modern, extensive deck configuration with eight hydraulic cockpit seats, large rear sun lounges. The Venom 44 distinguishes itself from the highest RIBs on the market, offering real offshore power. It is certified as Category B that allows it to travel for 200-nautical-mile offshore, and it is also subject to 2D surveys with a capability of 10 + 2 crews. In addition, the Venom 44 can survive winds with its seven bulkhead hull structure—the hatches equips with the smooth and polished power of the Mercury Verado 300 hp engines.

The cockpit of the Venom 44 is completely enclosed, and there is no water in the bowel by the self-draining deck. Its tubes are made from French manufacturer Orca’s Hypalon cloth and have no blurring exterior seams. With the tubes deflated, 2019 Venom 44 can even fly at maximum tilt. The Venom 44 has two large cabins, including a large console with a large bathroom and a tub. A wet bar and a fridge are also available.


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