Quintrex 510 Frontier Review


The new Apex Hull has been produced for years and demonstrates Quintrex’s contribution to making the best aluminium hulls for Australia. The latest version is more flare-up which uses aluminium 4.0mm on the ground. As a result, Quintrex can build an excellent and stable framework.

The Frontier is the specific fishing alternative if the Freestyler is the crossover choice, with enough class to make the entire family happy.

Quintrex is known for outstanding architecture and creativity to remain at the forefront of the affordable boat alloy industry.


Indeed you would not skip an Apex Hull Quintrex, which automatically catches your eye with the unusual ‘pickle fork’ bow style. But, at first, the Frontier struck me as a twist on the punt, owing to its whitish-coloured square arch front.

The new sleek console that provided an atmosphere for a specific ‘bass boat’ with its angled low-profile windshield was another critical design feature. However, the robust grab rail loop over the console could be helpful when standing in harsh water.

The test boat included a complete transom arrangement with a back gown and a boarding lever, while a transom door allows easy access from the stern. Both front and rear dots are regular covered with the SeaTread, which looks fantastic to boot and offers excellent gripping for wet feet, especially if the Quintrex logo is etched.


Like most Quintrex models, the Frontier has essential healthful gears, but a comprehensive range of choices and a dealer like Surf Côte Marine will quickly join the shop and build your perfect BoatBoat with a few strokes.

I can include the above options and a chopping board and a deck wash, and I would be a happier fish if my Boat and I started with a blank canvas.



It is safe to assume that in almost every coastal scenario, the 510 Frontier has its legs, and if you want to continue to travel deeper, you should add a secondary fuel tank of 72 litres to the standard 85-litre fuel tank.

I was urged to tuck the Frontier into a couple of narrow turns, and then I was impressed to come away. The Apex Hull still took the water with claw-like enthusiasm, while Apex hull cut off the engine for top-speed operation, and the outboard didn’t whine or cavitate again.

You still plan to get a little soaked in open boats, and it’s all right in the running; I would like to see how the Frontier would treat hideous weather as I think this may not be the norm, but the case.

It is fair, I suppose, to say a lot of stuff might be for many people at the Quintrex 510 Frontier.

The optimal metric is the Frontier Quintrex 510. You can sweep and shoot everywhere without the risk of damage since it is among the most rigid aluminium boats in the world. Quintrex has done its homework on this one.


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