Impressive speaker line up announced for Sanctuary Cove Boat Show


Everybody will be a trillionaire. You only need a feeling of fun and a hot ticket to the 2021 International Boat Show at Sanctuary Cove.

Every year, it attracts more than 45,000 sea enthusiasts and expects to meet its status as the first sea festival of the Southern Hemisphere. We introduce you to the latest superyachts, fishing vessels, trucks, watercraft, underwater technology and even more, with more than 300 showcases and 600 boats on board.

this year’s industry breakfast on Friday, 24 May.

Next month’s Sanctuary Cove Boat Show, the mammal displaying the most recent boating gear and equipment is sure to float with a stellar exhibition of trailer boats, water sports and inflatable craft.

The breakfast will occur in the InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort with Australian representatives and international maritime and commercial industries.

If you are hunting for the next fishing yacht, a wakeboard or a new ski, you will have to go for a walk in the sporting, fishing and leisure areas.

Sanctuary Cove Boat Show gives you an ideal chance to experience a sea trial ‘before you buy.’ Suppose you are fortunate enough to be on the lookout for a new boat.

At Sanctuary Cove Marina, several boats can come on the water for you to test JSW Powersports and Yamaha versions.


Venom 44 on the Ribco 2019

You would want to go straight to the marina to see our fantastic display of boats on water while you’re hunting for powerboats at SCIBS.

The first chance for tourists to the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show to see and walk on a variety of new ships has, without a doubt, everyone looks into this since this year’s show, which attracted over 45,000 people.

Since becoming the CEO in 2011, Mr Holley saw substantial growth at Peters & May. Mr Holley currently runs nine offices globally, which have sales of over A$ 100 million, and manages offices in the Middle East and the United States.

“The more vessels they are exporting around the globe, the more promising it is for the wellbeing of the market.

Leopard Catamarans will make its debut among the premiere’s breathtaking new edition Leopard 42. The Leopard 42’s architecture provides the sailing Leopard with utter comfort and sophistication.

Special attention pays to visiting SCIBS this year. The Federal Government is announcing quarantine-free entry for shippings and passengers travelling from New Zealand with an outstanding line-up of multimillion-dollar superyachts.

Sanctuary Cove expects its venue and event to held between 23 and 26 May with more than 45,000 guests. In one of the year’s most popular boating festivals, more than 300 exhibitors will attend.


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