First Look: Whitehaven 6100 Coupe Euro Edition


As the newborn birthday of the Whitehaven motor yacht family, the Euro 6100 includes all the Whitehaven characteristics of luxury, vast entertainment and recreation spaces and superior engineering, with a modern repertoire of technologies seldom seen on motor yachts reflecting the Whitehaven customers’ global perspective and boating experience.

The outside of the 6100 incorporates a set of car indications representing the ship’s output in a slim profile.

The Whitehaven 6100 Coupe is now in its range and remains an excellent craft. However, the moniker Euro Edition means something more than just a change of name. The Whitehaven Team has been focusing on incorporating superyacht-inspired styling and amenities in a smaller, streamlined vessel during the production of this kit. The Euro kit is now available on both the 6000 and 7000 ship series and reflects the leading architecture and creativity in the group.


As wonderful as it is functional, a complete rooftop over the rear cockpit protects all temperatures and environments and adds to its sleek appearance.

A comfortable seating area with a 6-seater, free-standing dining table and plenty of space for visitors to socialise in style spills into the generously proportioned entertainers’ cockpit.


It has a smooth turn control panel. The interior features proven and checked fabrics that have reserves historically for superyachts with European accents and attributes.

The 6100 inspires by motor yachts twice the size with clever geometry and arrangement and additional space for storage, seating and room for expansion.

The Euro Edition 6100 provides three bedrooms with a supplementary toilet/cupboard or powder room (depending on the customers’ wishes). The Euro model is also available in Whitehaven as a 6300 version with an extensive second rear beam stateroom or Beach Club option that opens fully to a transom swimming platform. Both alternatives see the bidding transfer onto the raising / lower swimming path from the enclosed garage.


You can see the careful details that went into the ship at any turn. In every construction area, and uses high-quality finishes, and the technology smoothly combined into this 6100 Coupe is outstanding. For example, an indication of all the information used by the whole building is given to wireless charges in cabins and lounges, as is the glass wall hidden in the master bathroom, which frosts for confidentiality with a click of a button.


No beginner to superyachts is Merzliakov, who has worked extensively on them. For the 6100 Euro Coupe Edition restyling, he had the opportunity to look at various superyacht executions and dig up the cherry all he could find. His watchful eye allowed him to mix them so that I could not do justice to them with simple words. As a result, both elements of the BoatBoat work together and fuse through small finishes or highlights.


True to Whitehaven’s entirely personalised craft ethos, the Euro Edition 6100 represents Whitehaven’s blue water’s superior capacity and efficiency. In addition, the Euro Edition 6100 comes with five years institutional guarantees and three-year general guarantees for total assurance, like a Whitehaven.


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