Californian’s Aussie Adventure Onboard Maritimo M59


The story goes back to 2011, when Maritimo M59 started its journey. The two Californians named jeff and Robin were trying to find a comfortable boat for a family. They wanted to have something exciting to be done on that boat. They had a determination of seeking comfort.

Talking about Jeff, he and his father were involved in boatings since he was a kid. He excelled the boating at the age of 14.

His words show a clear image of why he wanted to be a part of the pair seeking such a boat. He and his dad used to have a ship on which they both used to have boating experiences. After his death, Jeff didn’t keep that boat. He added that his father was an inventor of a business, and he was into it for thirty-five years. Later on, he sold that business. That company had three hundred workers working at that time.

Jeff and Robin always had a plan to purchase a bigger boat. They sold their company, and hence, in 2011, they went for a boat show and observed the market keenly.

After returning from the show, they created a list of companies and their positions in the market with every minor detail. Then, they decided to meet a representative of Maritimo. Michele and Bill met them, and they were very supportive to deal with.

He stated, “We go for boating in places like off Mexico, if a problem with pods arises, there simply isn’t the amount of skill and experience to deal with it”. You’d have to fly someone in, while with shafts, everything is relatively simple and straightforward.

They went boating in Mexico. Jeff reportedly said that the Maritimo M59 had a fantastic weather-controlled flybridge, which did not stay not unnoticed. In addition, it had a massive cockpit for fishing purposes. After the ceremony held on Maritimo Hope Island, Jeff, Robin, Evan, and a skipper went for an exciting cruise. Jeff was delighted on his “test” journey with the boat, and he stated that he was thrilled to see how the boat handled the water stress.


They discovered that the boat had 800 hp for a fantastic speed. After they reached the destination, the rest of the people flew back to the USA, but jeff returned via the same boat.

Jeff stated that there were only some little things that might need attention and also found out that the manufacturers had added fifty-plus changes in the boat to make it unique and personalised.

This boat could carry twelve people of a fish-loving family.

He loved the experience with Maritimo M59 along with his partners. They wanted the boat to be in their city where they are going to cruise the waters.

Jeff concluded that “They plan to live on the boat for a week at a time, travelling between their home and the boat, sharing it with friends and relatives. It’s a far cry from dad’s old 45 trawler and we simply could not be happier,”

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