Autonomous superyachts could be the future thanks to AI


What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence or AI is that branch of computer science in which you make the systems intelligent enough to take decisions and solve problems stand alone.

Deep learning and machine learning are two different variants of AI but create a new dimension of artificial intelligence.

Autonomous Superyachts - a bit of background

Autonomous superyachts are giant yachts that are operated with artificial intelligence. These are to be launched in April this year. Mayflower Autonomous Ship is the first autonomous superyacht. This superyacht will be able to take decisions on its own. The decision-making skills are improvised on the superyacht is via techniques of artificial intelligence.

Are autonomous superyachts future?

If we talk about the quick answer, the answer is “may be yes”. The term “may be” is added with yes because the proposition scientists have stated are super exciting to be experienced. But “May be” is because we have not seen the practicality of suppositions.

Poland is the state who stepped forward for launching an autonomous superyacht for the first time. But, first, make this thing clear that this is not a drone or a robot.

The algorithm which is embedded behind the yachts was under development since 2001. The main idea of making an autonomous superyacht is that this will give the passenger a super comfortable and relaxed riding experience, safe security-wise, and convenient to reach without human interactions. The equipment it has is sonar, radar, and GPS integrated into its system. Its activities are throughout monitored. Autonomous superyachts are used in data science, and the research will be used in future for creating wonders. It is designed so that it can detect the hurdles and take steps to avoid collisions. Unfortunately, many yachts are present, which is not adequately known for being an autonomous superyacht.

This superyacht can carry 2T of fuel when the sun is shining bright in the daylight; it uses the sun’s energy, leading to diesel saving.

So, after looking at the facts mentioned above, we can say that autonomous superyachts can do wonders and reduce the workforce to the maximum limit if implemented correctly. But, unfortunately, there is also a threat to autonomous superyachts. As the systems of autonomous superyachts will be automatic and fully controlled by artificial intelligence, there is a possibility of cyber threat.


Cyber threat is a referred term for a vulnerability that can cause any damage to the programmed system. Malware is a dangerous ingredient that can affect the system badly. When the yacht is operated by a man, this threat can not affect the boat’s performance, but there are so many other threats upon which autonomous superyacht has overcome.

Artificial intelligence is the latest generation, and it’s spreading very rapidly. The whole world is transferring to AI and IoT. There are countless references of how AI is helping boats in every aspect but considering removing the crew of superyacht is not possible yet.


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