An owner’s guide to bringing dogs on board

Dogs are essential family members now, and how can you miss your superyacht experience without a critical family member. Taking your pet dog along with you can be satisfying for you and your dog as well. It will help you in making memories with your all special ones. Having your dog with you on the boat is the greatest joy of all time. Dogs add unique fun and excitement to your experience. Following are the essential guidelines for the new owners:


1. Plan before time

Whenever you decide to take your dog along with you on the boat, you recommend that you plan things before time. We suggest you make a list of to-do so that you don’t miss anything special. Plan before time is always helpful. It will make you, before and after the experience, well organised. Make sure that you have completed your vaccination. Have some research about laws because dogs do not understand.

2. Ensure the safety

Ensure that whenever you plan for international with your dog, your dog must have IM[International microchip). Life tags are crucial because they can save you from a stressful situation.

3. Consider sun safety

Get this thing in your mind that your dog needs safety from the sun as well. So you have to keep shades and sprays along with you. Include wipes for sunscreen protection.

4. Fighting hydration

We recommend keeping multiple water bowl for your dogs in a yacht. Available water will keep them away from dehydration. Also, Use a water bottle that is pet-friendly for your dogs to give them water when thirsty.


5. Dog training

Before leaving, you should hire some nurture for your dog, which trims the longer hair to the shorter one. It will make your dog looks groomed, and less hair will absorb less dirt. Next, cut the nails and brush the dog hair.

6. Plan for an unknown incident

If you have everything under your control and organised before time still there is a possibility of a mishap. God forbids. Make sure that you got some plan if there is a need to send your dog back home. Ask anybody to look after your dog when you are not here, in case of emergency.

7. Arrange for medical emergency

As the environment look change, there is a possibility that your dog may get sick. Therefore, you should have arrangement regarding a health issue.

8. Consider remedies for seasickness

Dog’s stomach can get upset during travel. Make sure to add medicine to your bag. You need to give that medicine regularly, so their stomach stays healthy and does not get upset.

9. Life jackets

Your dogs must be wearing life jackets. They get excited whenever they see water. They may try to jump into the water. It can be life-threatening. A life jacket can save you and your dog from any causality.

Your ability to think, understand, analyse and prepare can help you make the best memories from your experience.

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